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Members of the Tasmanian Community Fund Board were consistently receiving feedback from the community that there were concerns about where the next generation of leaders was going to come from.  This was particularly the case for rural and regional communities.

Recognising this feedback and concern the Tasmanian Community Fund agreed to invest in community leadership development and as a result developed the Emerging Community Leaders targeted grant round and program. The Tasmanian Community Fund recognises the value of developing leadership skills across the community and is particularly keen to see emerging leaders supported to develop skills that will empower and enable them to help their community prosper.


The Tasmanian Community Fund has provided a grant to SRA Corporate Change to implement the Emerging Community Leaders program in conjunction with the Fund.  The aim of Emerging Community Leaders is to deliver an effective leadership program that benefits participants, their employers or businesses, and the Tasmanian community at large.

Tasmanian Community Fund

The Tasmanian Community Fund invests in and strengthens the Tasmanian community by provides grants that make a difference by improving the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Tasmanian community.

The Tasmanian Community Fund was established in 1999 following the sale of the Trust Bank. The sale proceeds were used for two purposes - retirement of a portion of State debt and the establishment of a community fund (the Tasmanian Community Fund) to distribute an annual appropriation to the community through grants.

SRA Corporate Change

SRA Corporate Change’s purpose is to unlock the potential of organisations and their leaders to cultivate high performance. The four key areas of work are strategy, leadership, culture and wellbeing.  SRA work with organisations to help create and embed a strong strategy, develop exceptional leaders, create positive and high performance workplace cultures, and increase corporate wellbeing.